Tuesday, December 28, 2010



ok dears.. im gonna quite for a while.. ntah la knapa. maybe buzy kali..boring online. klu on9 mesti profile org yg sama jak yg muncul. tolong la knapa makin close tu? nda suka tgk profile nya! mau block tp dia kawan aku. ermmm maybe run away from something ka apa. im not realy for to quite nie bh.haha
im just want to prepare for something. lagipun buzy bh n this maxis b.band pn lembap suda. malas mau p upgrade nya pnya speed.nnt la time sgt2 mmerlukn. dont waste money bh. ok la there's no wan to share lg.

gud nite n gud sleep malaysia..

to closey friend. the old or new.. ermmm..ermm.. im sorry for everything if im not all the time with u all n mcm go away from korang. im always wish can figure out my heart to u guys to understand that.
apa2 pun im always remember u friends and love u 4 ever.

with much3 love,

~syifa jani~

yesterday is my 2nd anniversary with hazim. yup2 its already been 2 years we're together.. susah payah pahit masin masam tawar da rasa. n rasa nya taun nie lebey mncabar dr last year.

ok la last citer... ntah la ape yg jd smlm.
sory 4 late call. im very tired..

p/s: im leaving u all with yuna song (penakut, random awesome, permission n super something) enjoy k the meant of song..

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Friday, December 24, 2010

assalamualaikum bloggers..

minggu yg amat buzy kot..
just now im wanna get sleep but i can't..
my nose bleeding. maybe the weather kali.
ok this week i'm start wear honey at my lip before i'm get sleep.
why im wear that? bcoz, before this i'm having problem with my lips skin.
so after get well from the 'disease' it's bcame dry and pale.
i read the petua in remaja magezine. i ord try it b4, and the feedback it's awesome!
u all should try if u want the red lips. =)
i'm try to active with class. so far is good and i can follow even my time is pack.
then going drawing n colouring my mom tadika.
lawa lawa n lawa sgt2 da tadika! later then i upload the view k.
just leave 1 week before new year n just leave a few day b4 my day. teeeettt.
27th its most important day!
owhoo sy tidak mau kawin awl.. sy mau belajar dulu n help my family.

makin lama, makin byk dugaan. yup ujian from Allah to me.
i hope im strong to face this all. but im always asking myself. they are too close to me, but why their not support what i wanna do n i want?
ah biarlah. kang lembut la hati 2 (sedapkn hati lak)

i'm owez remember my twin. syifaa athirah ahmad..
dulu we're owez sharing our problems and she like kept miss call me then ask me to call her back. yea kadang2 geram la, bh kita seja call padahal dia lg kaya.haha. but sokay, friends its my property. now when we too far away and she got new friends maybe she no need me anymore. klu dulu2, i'm will be ok when get hug from her. its like medicen. but now, theres no hug to me. to give me 'kelegaan'. the best best friend not easy to find. but when i'm at msu, mira la yg slalu be my conselor n hugger. now theres no more too. other else, peah n deeba. this 4th girl is my girl. tp sumanya buzy with they own life n studies.. im totally miss u all! if i can figure out what im want to say to u guys but my mouth already looked. im sory im not the best 4 u all but im try to be. im sorry if im not contact with u all. i got my reason. im sorry if im hurt u all. hari2 aku igt korang. seriously im not lying. i remember u all every time. im pray for ur happinest.
buddys.. aku sayang kamu sgt2.

btw, aku tgk byk lak yg mcm mengikut2 aku wat " with much love" nie.. wey wat la korang nye style bh! except my dear la. one more thing, apa masalah klu org ckap english? tidak salah bh kn. im still sabahan bh. i know who am i.

with much3 love,
~syifa jani~

Monday, December 13, 2010


just nk update short ja.. this week ada exam lg..perghh.. hazim also..
gud luck kita sama2 ya! ;)
just leave 1 week lg 4 my big day.. haha apa ka?
hanya kami seja tau.. nnt tau la korang 2.
the last saturday, went to wedding caremony.. my perents friends. ikut seja 4 free food..ahax.. suddenly tjumpa my old neighbour time d kg. contoh dlu..
firstly im not know that was she.. haha. after siok2 makan then my mom said 2 mama tuty kenal ka? bru t'igt.. bh time 2 kn kecik2 lg pulak. im living at there until im 6 years old. she said im the most naughty girl n like 2 play the rain n water in the toilet until she scream me 2 stoped me.. haha childhood kn mmg bgitu pnya citer.. what a shining eyes i saw at that time.. realy hapy lar!!
ok then on sunday im n family went to ranau.. supposed go there after im finish my exam but start next week my dad ord being buzy.. huhu
ok here the pic..enjoy! click 4 the enlarge view..

tnampak monyet bh nie..haha
candided by pika

tgk dorang da penat..cian2

nie last week nya pic..siok2 men gitar tiba2

demam lak.. huhu.. after go 2 da clinic terus tido x tukar bju n x bukak tudung da.
time nie rasa lemas sgt.. demam gigi tmbuh.. taken by irah
btw,,im miss to play piano.. :'(

~the end~

tataaa mau study. nnt hazim mara. :)

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Friday, December 10, 2010

i've been tired batman.. why the ur reason owez make me mad n sad like this?
i can't 2 be patient. its already 2 years.. plez understand what i want.
me xmau benda lalu tjadi lg..
plez plez n 4 ever plez..
i want that become true..
im wait 4 ur answer..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

m.a.l.a.s n.a.k u.p.d.a.t.e!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


i get the result from msu about my exam..
guess what i get?
its cant believed what im achieve at there..
the mid i got 3.28 but now its up up up..
its might be secret. but alhamdulillah. if im still there in stay 4 1 sem i can get the 'anugerah dekan or president award'... all the papaer ac2lly so hard to answer ok..
especially 4 da maths paper.. im realy hate that! but sokay.. im ord done my study at msu n bye2 to u msu!! gonna miss u damn much3..
the students at there are nice but the stff so cruel to us! makan gaji buta banar..
tataaa wanna sleep... :(


Friday, November 19, 2010


alhamdulillah i get the "petunjuk" from Allah about the dream..
thanks ya Allah..
yea tima kasih . smoga bhagia..
dulu my mom pena ckap..
llaki mata sepet playboy n xkekal hati..
dulu aku sangkal but now im support ur statement umi!!
100% true! so jgn cari org yg mata sepet k..

with much much much love,
~syifa jani~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


im tiny buzy 4 a while..
my brain its so mess with maths formula + chemist formula n biology knowledge..
my exam is around the corner..no2 its ord will get start just in a few day..
super duper nervous.yea im escape 4 nervous 2 any exam ok.. but i can handle it b4 exam. :)
ok after this i will go far away from here.. where ar? i dont want to kecoh2 but let dat be my secret.. im has been tired with this all and dont wanna think about it anymore..
yea sy redha.. n think positive..
penat ok.. hari nie pn penat..

tiba2 t'igt my late grandma said to me: sayang or cinta dgn mnusia sperti parents. kekasih, suami, isteri or adik b'adik nda akan kekal.. kasih sayang thadap Allah kekal smpai akhir hayat..sayang seseorang 2 biarla sbb Allah...

p/s: nany (nenek)..syifa rindu nany.. :'(

with much3 love,
~syifa jani~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rasa mcm bongokx!!
aduyai.... ada ka tsalah bg num kt kaklong num celcom ku 2..
num sndri pn x igt.num org len yg tlekat d otak..

p/s: kpada org yg "48"... sory.. x sengaja tbg number u 2 my sis..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ready 4 u!!!


ok just want 2 inform..
ok ord make the video 4 forever my love..
n record the song..
a.s.a.p will give u hear that song..
hope u like it..
xsuka peduli ape!
this week was the mostly buzy week..
this friday will going to labuan! kazen wedding..
all my kazen were ave been tua2 ord get married.
my dad side lar.. hehe
kami bila? lama lg bh..
abah said last nite.. kami suma p konvo pika nnt this dec.. :D
but after my last paper 16th.
so billion hapy lar bley supping2 sana. siok murah2 lor..
k tataaa...

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sakit yg amat...

it's so hurt me when he trying not to say ' i love u' to me anymore...
hati 2 sakit sgt3... bkan benci.. tp rasa diri x sygi lg..
yup mmg suma salah aku.. aku yg tlampau byk wat masalah..
masalah lalu byk bg pengajaran..
gimme another chance to change my self..
plez owez with me, hold me with u... loyalt with me until da end..
dats all.. plez dont stop said 'i love u syifa' 2 me...
its like burn my heart when u didn't say dat..
sokay.. i owez wait 4 dat..take ur time.. do what u wnt..

with much love,

Thursday, October 14, 2010


today just want 2 share this pic..

he's new style hair.. mcm someone i know.. miss u dear..

with putra habil

this my future 'son'..ahaxxx..haha... adrean

do my face still look like org sakit? ntah la.. i miss mr.smile...
what he doing rite now hum?? what ever is, u owez in my head n hearth..
ok the song 'resah'. sepa diajani??haha lu fikir la sndri..

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sayang.. watch this...

with much love,
~syifa jani~

life its not sweet as like what u think...

with much love,

Monday, October 4, 2010

life like kreb cycle..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

currently missing 4 a while!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

kimia by myself

assalamulaikum blogger..

ok just nk share video..haha.. xpecially 4 my sayang..
im sing this song..kimia. im wear my neighbour guitar..
hum n my roomate sing along wif me. jd back up singer kali..
hehe..im boring n sick this time.. but donoe how i can smile widely..
hehe k enjoy..sore x sedap mna pn..

with much love..
~syifa jani~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new song : forever my love

The moment we met
I could feel something happening
Between our hearts
Never I thought It will turn into love
A never ending love

I gave my best to get you
But my heart breaks the moment you left me clueless
Where did I went wrong
Oh dear and now the truth revealed, you love me too

You were stucked in a difficult situation

Oh my darling be strong
Cause I will always be by your side
Waiting for you to be with me
Waiting for us to be together
Forever my love

Me and you went through so much in life
But I'm still willing to wait
Cause I believe there's no one else like you
Be strong my dear and now we'll make it through

new song by me self. dont u try to copy ar!.. im wait 4 my guitar 2 play this song..
sayang.. i will play this song 4 u. u the 1st one will hear.. :D

with much love,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

life like?

tears can't separate with rains...
tears it's same with rains...
life it's like sea..
sometimes it's calm and wavy...

with much sad..
~Syifa Jani~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

assalamualaikum blogger...

since im at kk im not blogging.. im really buzy with my family, raya, with my sayang, cousins and open house. sory not invited friends at my open house. as my parents wishes,this year open house just only 4 family bcoz adalah hal2 yg t'tentu yg mau d elakkn. spanjang aku kt kk. my family said i ord changed. gud n BAD. the bad was really my fault until im broken my family heart. how could i can do that. i didnt meant want to do that. im promise to my family that i would do not make it again. thats really my mistake n i cant 4get it until today. yesterday i ord reach at here (kL). but today i reachd at s.alam. perrgghhh bilik cm besa lar bilik bhabuk. tggal kt level 14 mmg penuh dgn habuk n best freedom from lalat's n any bad smelly ..haha. now i got two number's. celcom n maxis.. so stay contact lar ar. ok lar malas da nk type byk2. time to eat now! my weight now 51kg from 49kg. so aftr dis i want puasa 6 n ganti trus la my puasa skali.. berat hati sbenarnya mau tggl kn family smlm. tp... what can i do, this is time 4 me to grab my fture. i hope everything will be okey.
im janijan's junior. so i'll proof 2 people around me that i can do what they thing i cant do. n trust me umi i wont make u heart break down again.. gimme time to change my self to be gud again. this is my 2nd chance.. insyaallah
ya allah bimbing la hamba mu nie n permudahkan la urusan ku..

mr.smile.. i'll care our relationship as well n im love u so much3 sayang..
i keep this ring as well too..
i miss u sayang.. always miss u..

with much love,
~Syifa Jani~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

balik kK!!

assalamualaikum bloggers..

today was the last day im at shah alam b4 im going back 2 sabah by this saturday.. tomorror i ord holiday. i get the excuse class.. hehe. so im wanna shopping wif my kaklong. donno where she want bring me.. tadi got joget performes. my group just take the video ja sbb esok aku x g class.x dpat nk perform.. so we get it the step in 2 hours mostly perfect but im like karas badan ani..haha. im not good in dance la. bcoz im not interesting wif that.. erm aku da kuar kn beg dr smlm lg..haha.. nda sabar bh nie..
this week so mencabar week bg aku.. tlampau byk yg mguji kselamatan aku.. alhamdulillah aku slamat n bek2 aja.. my flight day same with shukri.. :D

mr.smile... im owez love n miss u at here... :D

with much much much love,
~syifa jani~

Friday, August 27, 2010



memandangkan hari amat la bosan aku ceta la skit sal mggu nie k..
ari jumaat nie until selasa depan msu cuti.. hari sabtu means 4hb sep aku fly g sabah da!!! x sabar wey!hehe :D..

ok2.. hari selasa ari 2 ada oath taking day n malaysian studies quiz about kmerdekaan..haha

ok im wear msu batik.. i look short girl kn..huhu

so, do i look ord slim? hum not kali..haha

hum nie pic tbalik la..tlupa mau rotate.. haha..

nie pic td kitaorang otw g bazar.. masak spagethi.. 4 da 2nd time makan benda nie dis week. nisa nye idea la 2.hehe masak n makan ja la memandangkan aku xminat nk makan nasi time sahur n sungkai.. x brapa minat wey,.. k da..
nak change dis background blog.. hope ok lar..

mr.smile.. i really like it when u said.. i sayang u syifa..

thanks 4 loving me dear.. i realy love u too damn much!

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


assalamualaikum bloggers..

when my hearth is black out, suddently got shining light comes to my hearth. im trying to find the truth of that light but im still confused with my hearth say. may be thats the truth. but why the light likes want go away from me n let me here with 100000000001 question in my head.. seriously i cant go with this feeling. plez let me know what the meaning by the shining light...

with much confused,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

song 4 u

layan la lagu nie... ada kene mgena ke? huhu :p

Sunday, August 22, 2010


bila mau balik kK nie?? rindu rumah suda nie..huhu :'(
rindu dgn lovely teddy.. n my bed.. n my chealsea stuff..
habis exam da! hurey kpala otak la! kena wat tutorial + ada quiz lg so kena study lg + assgnment yg last mint bru kena bg. paling benci org kasi last2 mint nie! haiyah..
mcm mau gigit 2 both of dat lacturer tp puasa bh kn..haha..
k xde mood..
pnantian satu pnyeksaan? ye kot...
argghh apa da jd kt aku nie? huhu

mr.smile i rindu u.. :(

with much love,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

assalamualaiku, bloggers..

firstly al-fatihah 4 my late grandma. kmbali kerahmatulah pada 11.8.2010 (9.00am)...
sedih. sbb stahun family aku jga nnek dgn penuh suka n duka bsama n too close on that time lar. b4 this kn just jmpa time cuti ja kn. then suddenly pika call n bgtau nnek xde da. cause of paru2 b'air n jangkitan kuman. im not going class on that day bcoz i got women sick then i heard that news lg la. i want go back 2 kK but umi said dnt come there. bcoz i got exam by next week. klu ikut ati yg keras n degil nie mmg nk p kK ja tp aku masi waras bh. tears rall down..on that day not just that news i got but 2 bad news.. i hope allah pnjang kn umur u.. malam lak demam lg.

ok stop talking about that. topik len lak k..
exam mid sem next week. 2 days im not read anything bcoz my head just thinkng about kK ja. Exam until friday. ermmm aku xtau la cm ne nnt nie exam.
mamat rambut perang 2. dok melaka. cm ne mau mgelak enh? bg suggestion skit bh.
btw 3 weeks lg mau blik kK! nda sabar nie aku mau balik jmpa family n baby blue room aku 2.. hehehe.. ok im too obsessed with blue n grey colour.. lawa gila bh 2 kaler kn... :D
k cont study... bubbye

with much love,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

aku da benci number 11... even my befday pun..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


just nk share about setence things im not like at here..

friends : kt mana2 pun benda cm nie akan kena gak. ye la kawan yg kita igt bek dpan kita tp blakang bkan men lg mulut x de insurance kn blkg kita ckap bukan2. 2 la kecik2 dulu xpena kena ajar kn ckap bek2. jumpa aku bkan men lg ckap suma hal kt aku. tau la aku nie dr dlu mmg tmpat org mluah prasaan. tp korang pena x fkir prasaan aku yg mdgr benda2 yg aku x suka? xnk ckap sape nama org 2. rasa nya dia pn mmg dekat dgn aku skrg nie. tau la u pandai kn kwn. n aku x la pandai cm ko kn. spm pn x la bderet A cm ko kn. haik mmg ko la paling manang d dunia nie bh. kasi manang ko saja la bh. biar ko hapy smpai akhirat k. harap kpandaian ko 2 x pupus lak. n mulut 2, tolong blapik2 skit lau ckap dgn org. jgn la buruk2 kn nama aku k. aku pun ada maruah. kita jga sama2 la maruah 2. kn x bdosa gak. ape2 pun ko ttap kwn aku k. kn dlm islam x ley putus kn hbungan silaturahim. xbek kn. aku ok tp tipu la hati mana x panas kn. nasib air wuduk bley myejukkan hati. klu setan yg dlm hati ku nie myirap2 darah ku. matai la ko kali.

rumah : bukan nk mmburuk kn rumah sewa kt sni. tp perangai housemate yg mmual kn amat la x d senangi n xkn hari2 aku nk marah n mnahan marah 2. org pun ada tahap sabar kn. so be watch out buddy. klu aku da lepas amat bhaya. kbersihan rumah 2 kn ur responsiblity.im doing my part n u guys please do ur own parts. kerjasama mmbawa berkat kn. hati hapy ja kn lau suma tau keje sndri. n tolong la ask my permission if u want use my staff. im very hate 4 those take my staff without my permission n hilangkn brg aku. stakat nie mmg la xde hilang. tp pndai2 la kn ada otak n mulut, sila la ckap nk pinjam. bukan susah pn ayat 2. nk pinjam, pinjam je la bkan aku xbg pun tp 2 la tolong minta izin dlu. kita suma ada adab kn. im not doll n blind just see wat u doing at here without tegur. aku jenis x suka ckap byk k. da ckap skali hari 2, so please igt slama nye.. x ckup pedas kali ayat ku 2 kn.. nnt aku tmbah cili byk2 n other spicy2 lg.

someone tell me.. " kt sni bukan kita blajar d U je.. tp blajar suma benda. belajar kenal kwn. blajar more berdikari. blajar new calture at here. blajar mkan minum. blajar sgala2nya yg bkaitan dgn new place. "

p/s: so, slagi aku masih sabar n ada iman, aku akan sabar..

with much love n hate,

Monday, August 2, 2010

kenapa aku rasa sedih smacam... ????

ya Allah kuat kn lah aku....
bhagia ka aku mcm nie???........

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

salam blogger..

today for the 4th time, mamat rmbut perang propose i...
im realy sory buddy.. cant accept u..

today, got 1 of my lecturer mad with my one of my classmate i thought its not are negative issues what my friend said something.. but why the lecturer so temperwith that until she annoying she self.. ape2 pun suma manusia pena wat ksilapan rite?
so please do forgive people around u and control emotional.. x pasal2 1 subject we haven't learn today.

my sicknes today is... my eyes so hurt me.. haha ntah la. asal kena chaya ja silau smcm. b4 this i never had dazzle. maybe im too sleepy kali kn..

lupa pula td my 1st presentation at here. english subject lar. uina 1stly im nervous until cant speak anything when i look audience. then tgk slide baca bismillah then lancar cakap terus..haha lawak ar my group drama. nnt senang2 aku letak la video nie k..hehe. jumaat lak presentation health science and biology..huhu giler oww...
k bubye2.. nyte2.. nk tido awl la sbb mata sakit lak..


selamat malam

:D zzzZZzzzZZZZzzzZZzZZZZzzzz

with much love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

assalamualakum bloggers...

hari nie all class was cancel. firstly bio lab cancel. then when im already arrive at library campus suddenly i got msg from mira. she said that theres no health science class.. then miss awe call me to inform that no mentoring meeting this evening.. haiyo.penat. so b4 my bus come on 12.30, i take a time 2 update my diary at library.
i take 2 hours to write my story on diary and 7 pages.haha bukan sng nak mgingat kmbali kn. its not easy. then i lepak la dgn drg amirah, nisa n lubna. im at campus until 3.15 then i get the bus go to home!! hahaha tpaksa bukak puasa sbb gastric yg tlampau pedih. time lepak dgn drg ami 2. ya allah ada minah lepas tention.. nyanyi je dye. cian u kn.. lek bh nda pa biar kuar kn jua 2 tention..

owh 4got tell. sabtu n ahad i kuar dgn hazim.. ahad 2 nisa n kak auni come along..
we're going to the mines. masjid jamek. pavillion. klcc..
so here our picture..

im update my diary.. hehe

from the back : lubna, nisa, ami n me..

this my lovely classmate.. mira a.k.a fatin amira

im at forever 21.. this beg so unique.. i ike it.. :D

im with nisa. haha posing maut la kunun kn.. lepas ktensionan.. haha

ok puas x? hehe
since im here. slowly or faster im already 4got him from my life.
but sometimes i remember but ignore.. maybe go far away from that place, it can help me to 4got everything.. thanks ya Allah

with much love,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

salam blogger sayang..

hari nie ada assignment so kena la pkai internet. so ambek ksempatan nk update blog skit.. nk citer sal minah roomate aku nie yg tido sbelah katl aku nie. nama dye nisa.bek btul. ok suma brg kperluan dlm bilik kami nie, kami share duit utk kpuasan hati bsama n brg masak2 skali. baru sminggu aku dok sni da muak nk makan laur da. even lunch pun blik ptg bru makan. bukan i nk diet tp 2 la mcm aku ckap td. muak da makan luar. slalu kt ruma study sowang2 kn. sini slalu dgn nisa la.mcm beli burger
dpan apartment kami nie, beli brg dapur, slalu gaduh sayang, kemas bilik, study sama2 kt meja kami 2. hehe. we got a lot of chemistry lar. best. nie nnt ada bdak baru masuk kt bilik nie takut lak hilang seri kami..ceh.. haha aku x suka abg budak 2. gatal smcm. siap mau pic aku kunun. 2 la jakun tgk org sabah. hahaha..

ok la nk citer sikit sal U aku nie. kt sni owez kena ckap english. tbalik ke apa english ku hantam la asal drg paham la. kbykkan india kt sni. erm 2 susah skit la kn. tp nda pa la. suda nama nya adab belajar d tmpat org. tima je la. kt campus aku x nek lif. nek tangga. td g lab bio kt level 9 nek tangga wey sbb aku da lambat nk g class. huhu. slalu nek tangga g level 5 or 6 ja..haha. fit kaki ku nda lama. klmrin men skeaping. cubaan 1st dpat la wat 209 swing. perrrghhh kuar gak peluh ku nie. at least fresh sikit otak aku nie. hehe. ok geng aku kt class fatin amira n fiqa. umur drg 20. aku muda dr drg. aku la comel. hehe prasan. drg bek ar. dua2 pn pena study kt oversea. so speaking dgn drg pn at least engish aku pn ada improve la kn. class health science cancel n mentoring pn. klu suma 2 ada kena blik jam 6 td ar.. huhu. smlm mati karen. palui2eh jiran sini bising2. lawak dgr drg. hahaha. aik cm gila pla aku ktawa sndri2 nie. ok stop annoying my self here. i rindu umi ok. nk peluk umi aku 2 puas2. a few day nie my face got a lit pale. dnt noe why. aku lak asyik2 sakit kpala. pelik2. prubahan tmpat kot kn. dnt wory la im ok..

ok here this nisa my roomate.. kami kt tesco nie beli brg2 ari sabtu lalu. hehe
org srawak + pahang.

rindu mau lepak luar rumah nie..haha.. da la sunyi kn tp best buli tgk bulan 2..

bh bye2.. nisa ajak beli icecream.hehe jgn jeles yer...

hazim....sy sayang awk.. slalu syg awk.. dgr x?

with much love,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

salam sumer...

nak bgtau.. i da smpai kt kL da. at shah alam. 1st day registeration. huik penat siot! flight jam 6.05 nek MAS. nasib aku la kn dgn abah aku dpat seat 1st class. hehe syukur la bh. mau tau battery just tggl half je. sbb subuh bru charge.btuah kn punya anak.haha. yg bkin lama nie just nie cari ruma apartment. time masuk bilik2. fikir gila aku mcm mna mau ssun brg sbb barang aku byk. almari 2 kecik je. dui na ckup2 makan lar.

2nd day at here. the begining of orientasi. U aku nie pun ada lagu gak rupanye. lagu MSU jasamu d hati yg myentuh hati lirik nya. nnt la i citer k.. balik awl la jam 3. transport ada la. bus besar MSU. nasib b'aircordn.balik rumah kak sue lak nk pindah bilik. so i ok je sbb 2 master room! bilik besar.tido 2 org n, meja study ada, n toilet. so everything id privasi at that room. realy like this new room n roomate pla org srawak. so i ckap sabah n dia ckap srawak.. haha paham2 la sndri.

last day orientasi. sory la i lompat hari. saje malas nk citer pnjang2. my group member byk india so kami perform bollywod dance.aku x dance lar. giler ke? aku pkai tudung lar. x manis goyang2 dpan laki. xmau3! lg pun aku owez tpksa escape orintasi g masuk class. mmg kena bg excuse lar. class ok. suma lacturer sni muda2. so drg smangat mgajar so i pun x nantok. over rall all group performing is very gud! sporting giler. tp i suka group gemilang nye seketsa. "pengorbanan s'org ibu" sedih ar tp aku tahan tears je. i kan supersyifa.hehe.nnt aku kasi tgk video group aku k.

yg masalah aku kt sni 1 je. makan! owez nk makan2 n makan. giler btul. pokai la xlama cm nie tp i tahan nafsu la. makan biskut2 ke buah2. huhu.
kt sini owez kena speaking. da la ckap smenanjung mix sabah.haha. lucu aku dgr ckap sndri..hehe. suma speaking. ramai giler ambek foundation.
so owez improving my english at here. housemate giler gempak wey.. haha
ktawa2 ja d sni tp hati ke mental mcm x hapy lak. nape? ntah lar..hehe malas nk citer la

nk citer nie.bukan nk bangga ke nk mreka citer. citer btl2 nya nie. time orientasi la aku sedar. asal ja lunch time ramai rebut ku g lunch dgn drg skali. nk tau nape? reason drg. org sabah putih giler lar n comel. aku dgr just snyum ja la. mau ckap apa l. diam2 ja la. no comment bh. ami pun putih. malar kami kena hon. last2 aku gabung drg makan skali... hehehe. i xnk cry2 kt sni. x mau lar. x best.. hehehe.

k la bye2. nk masak burger mlm2 buta nie tgk german vs uruguay. x support mna2 pun. just xdpt tido. ms smile da ttido da. xde org nk cheer me up. kwn lg la da tido kali. malas nk mgacau mimpi indah org mlm2 nnt jd nitemare lak..hehe

k bye.. i love u.. miss u.. much2


with much love,

Friday, July 2, 2010

salam blogger...

today im buzy with my blue room.. huhu umi suru packing brg bh.
klu aku huik na ahad seja aku pack bh.. hehe awl bh kn.
tgk2 bukan pack brg tp kemas bilik la pla..haha.

the td ptg cuba teka.. wah aku dpat g ruma lama aku!!!
ui rindu giler oww kt rumah 2.. suma memory tkenang d minda ku.

tears + smile was mix at that time. im realy hope can stay always at there but i cant.
then im going tadika. meet my kids at there. aaauuuooooccchhhh
i realy can stand when they start hug my leg. then i seat n hug many of them..haha
2 baru big hug oww.. mana tau aku x jumpa lg drg after this.
ntah la perasaan aku nie len mcam. mcm mau p slama. p somewhere yg aku x tau.
slalu g jauh2 x gak mcm nie. heran2.

then rain comes. hahahaha apa lagi. men hujan ler.. hahaha
ac2lly today was 3rd time im going tadika bh at this week.
balik sejuk giler wey. umi i x marah. hehe bgus kn.

got a lit flu tp hilang suda after mkan ubat. hehe
after that baru pack brg masuk beg. peerrrghhh blur skit ape nk bwa.

ok2.here the some of pic me with them..hehehe

nikmat bh hujan nie. rahmat allah.. :D

pika. fizi. me!!!

muuuaaahh!!! 1 malaysia bh c fizi..hahaha

~the end~

selamat malam

with much love,

Thursday, July 1, 2010


wah rindu giler aku dgn internet nie!!
tgk2 dr td aku byk citer nk share tp skrg da hilang da..huhu

jap2 aku ingat balik. haaaaaaa
hari selasa 2 aku demam ar. mlm b4 dat da demam pn. giler ubat 2 kaw2 nye la.
asyk tidur ja aku. mkan pn lidah kebas ar. malas nk mkan.
dua hari demam n tidur je.. cian my sayang x tlayan. sory sgt bie.
aku call my twin syifaa athirah. aku rindu bangat dgn ank 2!

peah, deeba n redz also! aduyai c peah d shah alam da. akan ku jmpa ko d sna peah!
deeba lak msuk uitm sni da. tgh orientasi c kawan kn.. gud luck la ko d
aku rindu btul wey dgn drg nie.!!

hari2 aku tgk nie pic. sebab aku rindu dgn kamu. last our pic. ada jalan ari 2 pn x ambek pic. bodo sungguh aku nie. xpe lar after this sape jalan dgn aku kena ambek pic tau!

nie la kami! best friend ku. sayang2 ku yg paling bgus d dunia.. antara drg suma aku gak yg chubby. ceh aku hapy bh slalu. haha. kunun..

aku kt kK nie brapa hari lg kn. da nk g MSU shah alam da. start 2morow aku bz da. sabtu nie lg knduri arwah uncle aku yg 100 hari.
aku jumpa tira n redz pn blum. rindu kt kamu wey.. klu la aku superman kn bgus. huhu. klu la aku sng ja dis week hari2 aku jumpa kamu. 2 keta waja btebiat lg ar ko sna! makan battery ja. buang duit aku btul. nnt aku curi masa jmpa kamu! i will dears. sebab kwn2 ku nie la aku masi kt dunia nie n masi betul. aku kwn dgn tir
a since primary lg tp too close since form 3. with deeba since form 4 n peah, know her since form3 but too close since last year. antara kami peah like our mama.

she so genius, lazy, tabah, secret girl, hamble, sweet,motivation, hantu korea. loyalty, yg pnting gila2 cm kami lar. skepala even dia blur sikit. bikin panas skit la klu dia nda dgr apa aku ckap sbb d tlinga dia ada mp3 ja. haiyah.

deeba lak. byk citer dia kasi tau kami d blkg 2 la port tmpt dduk kami 2. hari2 ada ja ceta dia. c gobok kami pggl dia sbb ceta sal monyet gobok 2 ja la paling kami igt 2 ceta.hehe. klu korang nk tau dia pmalu dpan suma org tp cua dpa
n kami2 ja duii.. pijak semut pn nda mati oww.. haha. yg pnting wat aku slalu ktawa lar. baik hati siot!

c tira nie lak. kdg2 aku sndri complicatd mau paham dia. mood dia kdg2 brubah bh. lau bek bgus la. lau nda..huhu xtau mau ckap apa da. sometimes she so egois.. but sometims she didnt. ppeeerrghh paling manang klu sound org. huik nda ko tdiam sna.cigu pn tpegun dgr suara dia. haha. she's got suara jantan kn.. hehe s
ory babe i tell the truth ler.. tira very work harder person.amanah.hantu korean drama. manja bcoz she didnt ave girl sibling. i love 2 hug her. really miss that! hug aku wey! now surprise! she wear tudung ord! im realy hapy 4 dat. alhamdulillah 4 those ord open ur heart to wear tudung. im support u all!

redz lak.. hum as u see him first.. haik budak nie nmpk blurrr giler. feeling to girl lg la. teda perasaan nie. ada bh 2 tp dia pendam. i close with him since form 4. so asam garam dye i noe la. dia manja (perasan mcm baby) tau la hansem kn. haha. baik. a little slow to understnd people feeling. i like to see his teeth. redz u got big teeth!! hehe. caring. sepa couple dgn dye. klu korang dpt ubah dia. wah gua tabik spring kt awek 2! yg penting sng nk kwn dgn dye la.haha. at least if he close with other friend he never forget us as him best friend. bukan ada cm sorang 2 la. malas nk banding kn la kn. sndri mau rasa la. i like when he doing his work. his hand move faster than me. owez ckap SIAP! dats y we all at the back owez lakas2 wat keja. hahaha paling awl siap la kami kunun. kdg2 je la klu kami wat keje x gna mulut kn. ape2 pn he just only my BEST FRIEND. not more than that.

ok la just dats all i want to share. mata da nantok bh. i byk keje. oppss sory my ladies best friend if got some of my words hurt u k. i just want to share about u all. but u all crazy wif me. understand me. owez stand up wif me until now n support me in evrythng i wnt to do. korang sgt2 baik n helpful. thanks never forget me wherever u go. u noe guys how much i love u all like my sisters! n i want u all noe that im gonna n owez miss u damn much wherever i go. i really apologize with u all if sometimes i dont ave time with u when u need someone or want to hang out with me. my fault bz with my work b4. hope u 4give me about that. halal kn ilmu n makan n minum aku yg kamu share dgn aku. ape2 je la. yg paling aku rindu nk wat is manicure n pedicure ur nails. nnt i wat lg k. skrg canggih mah. webcam ada. 3G ada. mcm3 buli face 2 face kn darlings. jgn sedey2 la k. nnt x lawa lak. im nothing without u all guys.

P/S: syifaa athirah. dont be sad k dear. i noe u feel lonely bcoz didnt going anywhere now kn . but believe me, cepat atau lambat u masuk U its the best U 4 u n its waiting u. just owez smbhyang istigharah k. doa byk2.

with much love,

Monday, June 28, 2010

suppose im at MSU now.. but im still here...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

salam blogger.. :D

lately im very hapy hapy hapy :D
24hb i got calling from MSU or known as management & science university.
he said they accept me to continue study at there!!
4 foundation in science course..
wey giler tkejut aku. apa nda nya. 2 kn my dream U. since last year on my head just only MSU..
so i cancel my decision wnt to take that course at twintech.
but hari x cerah smpai ke petang rite. hujan d tghari gak.
my abah told me i get offer from form 6.

so after maghrib my parents ask me to buy my school stuff.
but i didnt go bh. i call them n tell what i wnt.
i tell their that i wnt going to MSU.
im very confident when im said that with my parents.
then dorang stuju gak. my abah support me n then umi..
but when i saw pika reaction like she sad.
i noe we will be not like b4. im very too close wif her.
i sayang u pika. akan rindu u slalu pika!
susah mau ckap pika how much i love u sis. u now what u are very gud sis in the world!
lucky got mr.smile owez wif me. n hear me.
im very appreacited u mr.smile! do u hear me? hehe
thusday n friday i play rain. awesome! its my spirit n my pnawar.

kemas rumah. angkat barang. b4 that smpat lg aku tgk bola. spain vs chile.
of coz spain mng wey. 2-0..
and this nite german vs england. very hope england can win! if not mati la aku!
its too tired pindah rumah! at kingfisher sulaman.
when reach at there. why the wyring still make them work ha?
haik bangang btul mau wat keja balik2. da pasang then mau buka lg balik.
buang duit rite. ok2 malas nk citer la.
malam knduri pindah rumah n doa slamat 4 me.
n my parents now here wif me.
oppssss lupa nk bgtau kn..

suppose i register by 28hb but tunda dlu. bcoz its so rushing. so i go 5hb julai.
just leave 1 week im at kK then going to MSU shah alam 4 1 year study at there.
its not a too long time rite.
ok daaaa

mr.smile. sy rindu awk.

tgk sy bwa keta auto..hahaha kekok la jua 1st dulu.

bed without tilam. nnt kotor bh kn kena pijak2.hahaa meh aku nyanyi skit..
tsudut termenung jauh, mgenangkn nasib kita,kita miliki sparuh,bbntuk hatti cinta namanya, walau kau jauh ku sntiasa mnunggumu,pedihku imbas kmbali mmori..blablabla sila smbung.. :D

with much love,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

salam sayang2 suma..

ceh mcm la korang syg aku..haha lek2. mood aku tgh bek nk blogging nie. awal bgun bh hari nie. kn mau ambek exam kt kk high.. perrrgggghhhh. smpai kt gate 2. sunyi sepi ja skul 2. tp aura smangat 2 mresap dlm jiwaku the d ofice drg. smpai sna aku start blur da when 1 of that teacher said "sini teda pun ambek exam repeat paper hari nie" duina.. mcm mau jatuh biji mata aku. skali jmpa dgn pK kokum nya. dui bh muka bkan men hansem even da tua tp bahasa bukan men sumbung ar ckap dgn aku. apa lg bdebat la kami. dia ckap teda aku ckap ada. haik aku rasa darah nek muka aku da. panas sgt da muka aku time 2 mnahan marah.nasib dia tua lau nda. aku pun xtau maybe kasut aku mlekat kt mulut dia kali. nasib dia la kn. then dia cigu kokum ntah apa 2. dia la yg tolong aku. thanks sgt2 la kt cigu 2. paper aku bulan 11 lak. *sigh* dgn berani nya aku ckap kt sni. kerani kt pelajaran 2 mmg budu! p ko buang diploma ko ka ijazah ko 2 dr ko keja sna. ko tau ka ko mganinaya org. yg cigu pK sombong 2 ckap cina kunun ar ko sna. igt aku nda paham! palui btul. jgn igt suma org melayu budu nda tau chinese language! aku bakar keta ko lau aku jmpa ko. teda budi bahasa btul. da la aku kena bdiri almost 1 hour btegang urat sma dia. kasi dduk pun tida! jijik sgt ka org pakai tudung? aku bukan men lawa la td mau ambek exam skali mcm nie. bida trus aku.. buuhhhhh lawa la kunun. nda pa kasi sedap hati seja.
agak lama la gak aku dduk kt luar skul 2.
then ku bwa diri la. drive ja smpai pantai melinsung lak aku. cantik tmpat 2 dr tg aru. fresh ja air nya.. aku nmpk tmpat 2 lawa then aku singgah la 4 a few hours. until ada org nk teman pun aku tolak. sory la. i need space 4 dat time. ac2lly aku ada prob len yg d fikir tp malas nk citer la.
kang leleh air mata lak. 2 aku benci gila 2.
then aku mghilang ke suatu tmpat..
jgn cari aku.

p/s: lau ada org chinese ka apa len bngsa baca blog nie. sory sgt2 aku bukan kutuk ur race tp manusia yg sombong d sna 2.. jgn ambek hati. xbgus2. xmau3

with much love,
syifaSAIBAH ~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

assalamualaikum blogger.. :D

esok aku ada exam!!
exam apa?
maths bh! i take repeat paper bh!
mau kasi lawa 2 result. mau kasi A+++++++..
wah byk plus aku..haha..
b4 this just get B..sedey wo. :(
tlmapu bhagia mau ambek paper esok..
start from 10am until 4.30pm at kK high skul..
form 6 aku x ambek kot. suda start bh 2 kn 2nd intake.. aku xtau la 2..
next month. im gonna take foundation in science at twintech..
d karamunsing. :D
but.. i didnt realy discuss wif my parents bcoz they're not here with me..
miss u much much much umi n abah!
4 a while i js want to cont study around here. i mean kK. bcoz 'tut'
i cant tell u. its too personal.. sorry
k wish me very luck 2morow!!

with much love,

Monday, June 21, 2010

get this from.. ehemehem aku..

For the boys..
When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind
When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply
When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how long you will be around
When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds ... she is not at all
When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying
When a GIRL lays on your chest.. she is wishing for you to be hers forever
When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered.
When a GIRL says ' I love you ' .. she means it.
When a GIRL leans on your shoulder.. She is feeling safe and trust you so much.
When a GIRL says ' I miss you ' .... no one in this world can miss you more than that....
For the girls
Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person ....
Find a guy .. who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
who calls you back when you hang up on him.
who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who ... kisses your forehead
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Who turns to his friends and says, ' That's her!!

sangat2 betul nie!!
thanks syg.. :D

penat wey!! :(

penat hari nie. hari yg x d sngka2 akan blaku.
smlm pnya ceta malas nk ceta. sengkang mata babe.
n hari nie gak aku 1st time in my life jd seorang yg lmbat mnepati masa.
sory la shuk tggu lama sgt. bjam2. giler aku. record2 nda pena wey.
pasal adalah urusan byk giler mau urus d 'tut'.. secret k.. :D
mana keta lg wat hal. haiyo. ape x tension aku. suma kelam kabut.
suma last minute kena bgtau. dui aku rasa diri aku mcm tolol ow..
lama nda sebut pkataan 2. huhu. akhirnya dpat gak aku g beach.
mlepas tension skit. i wish today got rain but.. hampek.. hujan my penawar.

balik bley2 aku salah gear.. keta auto kn. haha time round about lg 2. nasib x tlnggar. 2 la mghayal fkir sal ofice.
after kelas taranum td aku bukak msg kt fB aku..
ada akak nie. nda mau bgtau la nama dia. dia post nie.

"tuk budak gedik..hehe selamat menempuh cabaran n rintangan dgn success, jgn jadi org yg x d sukai org len. bhagiakan org len n kamu pasti akan rasa bhagia pada suatu masa nnt. buatlah yg tbaik dlm hidupmu. sgala ape yg kita mau buat itu jgn brdasarkn nafsu semata2 tp biarlah dari fikiran yg matang.. selamat berbahagia.. saje2 jeee nie.."

aku bingung jap. apa yg aku wat ikut nafsu n aku x matang ke?
xde ribut xde taufan tetiba post msg cm 2..
tp xpe kak sy pegang kata2 tersebut. thanks byk2 ingatkn sy.
kdg2 manusia mudah alpa.. rajin2 lg la enh tegur sy..

k la aku da nantok, lending dlu. kcewa gak dgn korea nie! gergitan banar tah aku. haiyah..
owh pak n**** shukri! aku minta maaf byk la late td.. giler late. n thanks 4 everythng bro! :D

k lebiu all.. miss u.. muah..

get well soon hazim syg!!


selamat malam

Thursday, June 17, 2010


aku rasa kn
sy rasa la..
kamu rasa?
hati aku rasa....
wey kamu bh! igt aku kwn yg d perlukn time susah ja ka?
dlm ksusahan ja bru cri aku. apa kes babe?
aku xsuka. nda suka. i didnt like. wa puyau.
bahasa apa lg kamu mau.. perrrrrrggggghhhh
ingat aku tunggul kayu! time susah sna kamu tibai brabis.
suda la. malas mau gaduh. kowang fikir sndri la apa yg jd..
penat suda aku kasi igt dr dulu. kawan biar susah n senang!!
xmau kawan aku. fine cri kwn len.
aku sayang ko.. ko x syg aku xpe. nda pena mgaharap pn.
k bye..harap bhagia slamanya..
assalamualaikum.. :D

ceh wah subuh2 da update blog. bru habis smbhyang subuh.aku hari nie puasa sunat n ganti. aku da hbis puasa ganti da taun lalu after raya 2 tp aku takut ada yg t'tinggal ka so ganti je la time hari isnin n khamis..aku rasa nk tmuntah sbb tlampau byk minum air kali. klmarin masuk hari ke-2 aku ikut kelas taranum. hehe best ustaz 2. dye sporting. susa la mau ikut 1st cara ustaz 2 bca. da practice n practice ok2 la suda. alhamdulillah kn. kn practice make perfect. *wink*..
ok mau share something bh nie.. nie aku dgr cramah kt radio ikim.
ustaz 2 ckap.. cara hidup lebih penting drpd cara mati..

" cara hidup yg menentukan cara mati kita, cara mati kita yg menentukan cara kita d bangkit kn d padang mahsyar, cara kita d bangkitkn d padang mahsyar la yg menentukan kita masuk syurga atau neraka"..

kamu faham x?
maksud baik : cara hidup kita klu baik maka baik la cara mati kita, klu da cara mati 2 baik so cara kita d bangkitkn d padang mahsyar pn tgolong la dgn org yg beriman. baik cara d bangkitkan of coz masuk syurga dgn kredhaan Allah sndri.

maksud buruk : klu cara hidup kita buruk mcm byk mlakukn maksiat, kjahatan, klalaian mnjalankn tanggungjawab sbagai seorang islam n sbagainya maka buruk la cara mati nya. da cara mati buruk maka cara d bangkitkn pun buruk la juga, dengan ktentuan Allah org tsebut akan masuk ke neraka.

aku balik2 fikir sal bnda nie. dulu mmg pena dgr tp da lupa kot. hehe besa la mnusia kn.
so i kept this as my priority n remember this until 4 ever. amin.. i/allah.. takut wey mati dgn cara yg burk. xmau3.

wassalam.. :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

malam yg indah n sepi..( hishh ayat x bley blahh) :p
aku tgh penat nie sbnarnya nk tido tp xdpt tido..
da almost 3 hours kot mmaksa mata nie tido tp xmau gak.. napa kn?
cousins ku da g ruma c boy.. sok drg g labuan. eh ari nie la bh 2. haha isnin blik suda drg then kn drg p pulau manukan!!!
uiiii kempunan aku! i tell umi mau ikut drg jalan2. lgpun sbagai warga labuan la kunun..hehe suppose bwak drg jalan kn. tp.. umi x BAGI! mrananye jiwa ku.huhu
mau ikut drg jalan2 g pasar mlm td pn umi nda bg. kamu prcaya x klu aku bgtau aku xpena p pasar malam kt kK nie? nama ja org sabah kn. haha sungguh kecian.
exam 1 week lg. aftr 23hb freedom la suda tp a lit je aftr dat dunoe when my next exam. mau tgk toy story 3, the karate kid, killer. wah mcm da kaki wyg da aku kn. muka aku nie malar org tgk d gsc 1B 2..huhu. kanal suda kali ar. bgus kn klu ada member card.ada jua discount kn.hehe.
akhir bulan nie ramai mau jalan suda g study..huhu bubye la sepa yg p 2..
jumpa jua kita suma nnt bh.

naaaaa sakit suda kpala aku nie byk fkir. mau tgk bola umi nda bg. haiyer.
byk bkorban ow 4 dis exam. a lit benci la. nda pa la bh jgn lawan ckap org tua bh. nda bgus kn.. hehe :D

hehe aku nie mgadap laptop pn diam2. takut aku umi aku marah lak.
hari nie fathers day!!

happy father's day 4 all daddys in da world expecially my abah sayang.. :D
n 4 arwah caca norlai too. nnt tghari g lawat kubur dye la.. 3 weeks da x g ziarah kubur. rindu..
thanks ar yg bg chelsea umbrella kt aku 2 enh..aku suka bangat deh!
klu ada keta sports chelsea bg aku ar..haha (xtau malu)

oww ya sebut sal kete. umi aku g cri kn kete td. aku ckap ambek kelisa ja la. tp umi mau ntah kete apa 2.lupa suda aku. alza da order da. js kete 2nd hand 4 while 4 me n pika..huhu xpe. nnt dpt kdabak besar nye..hehe :D
tp aku mau simpan viva syg ku 2.xmau jual.. :(

ok la deares.. aku nk out dlu. mcm2 bunyi da aku dgr kt blkg umah aku nie.
kang len aku nmpk malas pla mau layan..huhu..

chow.. love u.. miss u..

do visit this blog k..

Friday, June 11, 2010

agak lama x update kn. ntah tebiat ape pagi2 nie mau update. just mau update ringkas2 ja. sbb aku mau mandi!! *sign* hehehe :D

7th june 2010.. hazim dtg kK wey!! hahahaha hapy giler aku! staun 5 bulan lbey xjmpa. mau x rindu gila kt dye.. huhuhahahihi.. sungguh best. hazim pnya pasal sakit tolak tepi. bukan slalu kn syg kita nk jmpa.. hehe :D

8th june 2010.. even klmrin da jmpa sayang ku tp tetap rindu nie.. mau jalan dgn dia tp dia g jalan2. huhu xpe.. esok hazim balik da.. :(

9th june 2010..im going 2 cp n warisan with my jiran nie. esok dia mau g uK suda. so
teman dia shoping2 la. 2.30 aku da tpacak kt terminal 2 kkIa. mau hntar hazim bh.
even dpt jmpa kjap je tp xpe. asalkn dpt jmpa n aku puas dpt jmpa dia. at least x kmpunan la kn.. :D
wah bdebar gila jmpa family dia. smpai mau senyum pn kejang suda pipi aku.. haha
apa2 pun aku suka tgk family dia..sweet.. nda tau la napa sejuk hati tgk drg..
(jgn fikir len2 ok)..
10th june 2010.. dapat twaran from institut sains & teknologi dar
ul takzim (INSTEDT) kt johor.. aku x pena dgr pun nama U nie. 26hb nie register da.
aku tgk course yg dia tawar kn pn ckup interesting. drg suru pilih sndri asal ckup syarat..
aku tgh fkir2 jua nie.. 21hb aku msuk form 6..23hb aku ada exam.. 26hb register?
huik minggu yg bz kot.. form 6 2 xtau lg la masuk ka nda.. 23hb 2 yg penting gila bagi aku.
aku confuse sgt2 mau urus future aku nie.. sgt2 bcabang fkiran ku. positive n negative da mix dlm otak aku nie.
ya Allah tolong la hamba mu nie wat pilihan y
g tbek..

p/s: hazim sayang, thanks datang sni. me sgt2 hapy n tharu. hehe. bulan 8 kita jmpa lg k. :D haik x sabar.. rindu u sgt n sayang u sgt gak. thanks 4 everything sayang..
kept as well our formula ok.:D
i love u hazim..

muka pucat.. huhu bida aku!

Friday, June 4, 2010

kaklong aku suru dgr lagu nie.. best nie!! jatuh cinta aku dgr..
hayati la suma lagu dia..akan ku beli album nya.. :D

mereng da tayar 2 skali...

dashboard pun tcabut.. huhu

kecian mulut viva ku tburai.. nda hansem suda ko syg.. :(

today send abah to jeti kK.. just he going to labuan..
umi, pika n me should be go too but we cant..
doctor x suru with our conditon lg yg still on sickness..
after send abah, we're going (pika n me) to inanam.. workshop bh..
here the pictures of my viva.. teruk kn!!
aku rindu ko my viva sayang!! kenangan ku bsama ku xkn ku lupa..
akan ku tggu ko 2 month kita ktemu lg..
new wajah baru viva sayang...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

hari2 mjadi sowang pesakit nie mmg boring!!
hazim p jakarta. 4 hari 3 mlm.. 4 dat time x dgr khabar la..huhu :(
dduk rumah seja. ye la aku kn da resign dr keje..
tgk buku, kpala aku lak pening nk mghadap buku..
pika tgk aku n aku tgk pika.. tgk tb.. pn pening.. tgk laptop pn pening..
mau tido tp xdapat lelap. js rehat2 tgk siling ruma..
hujan d luar aku tgk ja.. tau x? aku sgt2 kmpunan nk men hujan 2 tau!!
wat keje ringan2 je la yg dpat. lau gerak byk rasa dada nie mcm mau tkoyak lak..
kpala aku yg kt blkg benjol besar 2 xbek2 lg sengal nye. 2 yg aku blik2 pening 2..
harap teda darah beku la. asyik mkan gamat2.. huh mak aku ckap bek tuk luka dlman..
biar la len rasa benda 2 asalkn aku cpat smbuh!
aku tau sakit 2 ujian allah yg mguji byk ksabaran.. aku harus sabar n tabah..
after sihat da nie. cont study back. n i want claim my car!!
aku mau makan tp lidah lak luka sbb accidnt 2. so lidah ku pucat n xde rasa lak..
conclusion nye... effect accident sgt2 sakit n hilang selera mkan.. nie bru sikit..
aku pena kena lg teruk dr nie lg..
alhamdulillah x teruk kali nie sbb exam aku nk dekat!! bulan depan pn ada! huhu

p/s: hazim! sy amat rindu kamu.. even a few hour ago u goin 2 jakarta...
sayang u hazim... :( :( :( :(