Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this not the first time blogging k. b4 this got my lubly blog but my fault 4got my email password n blog. so i cant enter it anymore even already try it many times. huh too frust about that. everything in my email its so important! like im lost my memory n me too not save it in any secret place 2 kept it as well 2 back up my forgoten.. too many story to tell u. start my befday day i feel like im the unless person 2 evryone i noe. cant tell about that. too sensitive n also hate to answer the question about that. people seing on my like..hum cant explain it. evrything happens with me got 'hikmah' kn. i know that. sory to people whose close to me but i didnt ignore u. im felt unless to u all k. u can say what u want or advise me but u dnt noe what im feel everytime to facing that situation.. how ever, u support give me some ideas n thanks a lot. but im still cant facing with u all. let me with my self.. not emo but give me some space to breath in deep convention.
and on this week also, im lost my super man. he's gone without meet me. until now still cant believe it that he gone leave me n familys. we all love u too much.
i feel like no p.ramlee make a shine on our life..
may Allah bless u at there. al-Fatihah..