Tuesday, December 28, 2010



ok dears.. im gonna quite for a while.. ntah la knapa. maybe buzy kali..boring online. klu on9 mesti profile org yg sama jak yg muncul. tolong la knapa makin close tu? nda suka tgk profile nya! mau block tp dia kawan aku. ermmm maybe run away from something ka apa. im not realy for to quite nie bh.haha
im just want to prepare for something. lagipun buzy bh n this maxis b.band pn lembap suda. malas mau p upgrade nya pnya speed.nnt la time sgt2 mmerlukn. dont waste money bh. ok la there's no wan to share lg.

gud nite n gud sleep malaysia..

to closey friend. the old or new.. ermmm..ermm.. im sorry for everything if im not all the time with u all n mcm go away from korang. im always wish can figure out my heart to u guys to understand that.
apa2 pun im always remember u friends and love u 4 ever.

with much3 love,

~syifa jani~

yesterday is my 2nd anniversary with hazim. yup2 its already been 2 years we're together.. susah payah pahit masin masam tawar da rasa. n rasa nya taun nie lebey mncabar dr last year.

ok la last citer... ntah la ape yg jd smlm.
sory 4 late call. im very tired..

p/s: im leaving u all with yuna song (penakut, random awesome, permission n super something) enjoy k the meant of song..

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Friday, December 24, 2010

assalamualaikum bloggers..

minggu yg amat buzy kot..
just now im wanna get sleep but i can't..
my nose bleeding. maybe the weather kali.
ok this week i'm start wear honey at my lip before i'm get sleep.
why im wear that? bcoz, before this i'm having problem with my lips skin.
so after get well from the 'disease' it's bcame dry and pale.
i read the petua in remaja magezine. i ord try it b4, and the feedback it's awesome!
u all should try if u want the red lips. =)
i'm try to active with class. so far is good and i can follow even my time is pack.
then going drawing n colouring my mom tadika.
lawa lawa n lawa sgt2 da tadika! later then i upload the view k.
just leave 1 week before new year n just leave a few day b4 my day. teeeettt.
27th its most important day!
owhoo sy tidak mau kawin awl.. sy mau belajar dulu n help my family.

makin lama, makin byk dugaan. yup ujian from Allah to me.
i hope im strong to face this all. but im always asking myself. they are too close to me, but why their not support what i wanna do n i want?
ah biarlah. kang lembut la hati 2 (sedapkn hati lak)

i'm owez remember my twin. syifaa athirah ahmad..
dulu we're owez sharing our problems and she like kept miss call me then ask me to call her back. yea kadang2 geram la, bh kita seja call padahal dia lg kaya.haha. but sokay, friends its my property. now when we too far away and she got new friends maybe she no need me anymore. klu dulu2, i'm will be ok when get hug from her. its like medicen. but now, theres no hug to me. to give me 'kelegaan'. the best best friend not easy to find. but when i'm at msu, mira la yg slalu be my conselor n hugger. now theres no more too. other else, peah n deeba. this 4th girl is my girl. tp sumanya buzy with they own life n studies.. im totally miss u all! if i can figure out what im want to say to u guys but my mouth already looked. im sory im not the best 4 u all but im try to be. im sorry if im not contact with u all. i got my reason. im sorry if im hurt u all. hari2 aku igt korang. seriously im not lying. i remember u all every time. im pray for ur happinest.
buddys.. aku sayang kamu sgt2.

btw, aku tgk byk lak yg mcm mengikut2 aku wat " with much love" nie.. wey wat la korang nye style bh! except my dear la. one more thing, apa masalah klu org ckap english? tidak salah bh kn. im still sabahan bh. i know who am i.

with much3 love,
~syifa jani~

Monday, December 13, 2010


just nk update short ja.. this week ada exam lg..perghh.. hazim also..
gud luck kita sama2 ya! ;)
just leave 1 week lg 4 my big day.. haha apa ka?
hanya kami seja tau.. nnt tau la korang 2.
the last saturday, went to wedding caremony.. my perents friends. ikut seja 4 free food..ahax.. suddenly tjumpa my old neighbour time d kg. contoh dlu..
firstly im not know that was she.. haha. after siok2 makan then my mom said 2 mama tuty kenal ka? bru t'igt.. bh time 2 kn kecik2 lg pulak. im living at there until im 6 years old. she said im the most naughty girl n like 2 play the rain n water in the toilet until she scream me 2 stoped me.. haha childhood kn mmg bgitu pnya citer.. what a shining eyes i saw at that time.. realy hapy lar!!
ok then on sunday im n family went to ranau.. supposed go there after im finish my exam but start next week my dad ord being buzy.. huhu
ok here the pic..enjoy! click 4 the enlarge view..

tnampak monyet bh nie..haha
candided by pika

tgk dorang da penat..cian2

nie last week nya pic..siok2 men gitar tiba2

demam lak.. huhu.. after go 2 da clinic terus tido x tukar bju n x bukak tudung da.
time nie rasa lemas sgt.. demam gigi tmbuh.. taken by irah
btw,,im miss to play piano.. :'(

~the end~

tataaa mau study. nnt hazim mara. :)

with much love,
~syifa jani~

Friday, December 10, 2010

i've been tired batman.. why the ur reason owez make me mad n sad like this?
i can't 2 be patient. its already 2 years.. plez understand what i want.
me xmau benda lalu tjadi lg..
plez plez n 4 ever plez..
i want that become true..
im wait 4 ur answer..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

m.a.l.a.s n.a.k u.p.d.a.t.e!!!