Sunday, November 21, 2010


i get the result from msu about my exam..
guess what i get?
its cant believed what im achieve at there..
the mid i got 3.28 but now its up up up..
its might be secret. but alhamdulillah. if im still there in stay 4 1 sem i can get the 'anugerah dekan or president award'... all the papaer ac2lly so hard to answer ok..
especially 4 da maths paper.. im realy hate that! but sokay.. im ord done my study at msu n bye2 to u msu!! gonna miss u damn much3..
the students at there are nice but the stff so cruel to us! makan gaji buta banar..
tataaa wanna sleep... :(


Friday, November 19, 2010


alhamdulillah i get the "petunjuk" from Allah about the dream..
thanks ya Allah..
yea tima kasih . smoga bhagia..
dulu my mom pena ckap..
llaki mata sepet playboy n xkekal hati..
dulu aku sangkal but now im support ur statement umi!!
100% true! so jgn cari org yg mata sepet k..

with much much much love,
~syifa jani~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


im tiny buzy 4 a while..
my brain its so mess with maths formula + chemist formula n biology knowledge..
my exam is around the corner..no2 its ord will get start just in a few day..
super duper nervous.yea im escape 4 nervous 2 any exam ok.. but i can handle it b4 exam. :)
ok after this i will go far away from here.. where ar? i dont want to kecoh2 but let dat be my secret.. im has been tired with this all and dont wanna think about it anymore..
yea sy redha.. n think positive..
penat ok.. hari nie pn penat..

tiba2 t'igt my late grandma said to me: sayang or cinta dgn mnusia sperti parents. kekasih, suami, isteri or adik b'adik nda akan kekal.. kasih sayang thadap Allah kekal smpai akhir hayat..sayang seseorang 2 biarla sbb Allah...

p/s: nany (nenek)..syifa rindu nany.. :'(

with much3 love,
~syifa jani~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rasa mcm bongokx!!
aduyai.... ada ka tsalah bg num kt kaklong num celcom ku 2..
num sndri pn x igt.num org len yg tlekat d otak..

p/s: kpada org yg "48"... sory.. x sengaja tbg number u 2 my sis..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ready 4 u!!!


ok just want 2 inform..
ok ord make the video 4 forever my love..
n record the song..
a.s.a.p will give u hear that song..
hope u like it..
xsuka peduli ape!
this week was the mostly buzy week..
this friday will going to labuan! kazen wedding..
all my kazen were ave been tua2 ord get married.
my dad side lar.. hehe
kami bila? lama lg bh..
abah said last nite.. kami suma p konvo pika nnt this dec.. :D
but after my last paper 16th.
so billion hapy lar bley supping2 sana. siok murah2 lor..
k tataaa...

with much love,
~syifa jani~