Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 story :)


It's been a long time didn't update. Are u all in good condition?
oh i'm on fever n flu illness. It's because bosses virus. Huhuhu
Oh ya just left 2 weeks more to finished my internship. It's my second practical and doing it at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu.
2014 the most tragic year for us malaysians kan. It's also for my family too. Wanna know why?
Let me share u something.
it's begin early month of april which is after my cousin's wedding. What i want to share about its mom condition.
On that month her body start show weakness, which u never expect and weird its suddent been happen to mama. Ya la i always see my mom the stronger mother and have a fast movement with her nag. But on that time what ever she hold will be fall down or broke. Then mama always had headache.
One day after attend one wedding at papar, mama fall at front of my home. Unfortunately, make her weist have to ciment it for two months until june. After that day mama cant walk. I meant she cant walk properly. Cant stand lama2.    For the first time we see my mom weak like that.
Day by day her condition not shows a good result. Always sleep much and easy to sulk. And one more thing she always said her headache still not healing. Pelik kan. Then when in may we bring mama to emergency at Hospital Queen Elizebert 1 but that time im working day so just my sisters handle it and abah also not around bcoz he was at johor for important kursus. To check up her condition because on that time mama didn't want to woke up and much sleep. After do MRI , CT scan and the others test doctor said mama have to refer to HQE 2 for further check up. Around 2.30pm pika(my second sister) call me to tell about mom. She said mama have tumour in her brain and it was last stage. Stage 4. Its really shock me and running my tears. I told my bos about mom and he give me excuses go to meet my mama. My bos is really a good bos, really can discuss anything with him. It was realive when u see mom smile at her face. She feel like nothing happen to her. We just give mama a smile but inside us we are really sad. My dad was fully quite during tht time. Shows really worry and  confused.

Then i will continue soon for futher story..
Good night :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

please watch this!! love it & the others video =)



just finished my flying test today!!! yaahhhhooo.. i'll make sure i get the license. aku dengar2 ada org operation today. good luck with ur operation. wish u get well soon buddy! mr. smile sampai kk sudah! i saw him! yeah di airport bha tadi. while waiting my turn going to ofice mas from level 1, i saw him arrived at ground flour like serching for someone. i didnt call him. awkward kali aku tgk dia. haha. nda pa la nnt next time jak jumpa. honestly i feel something not good between us. just from u tweet & text 2 me its like something u hiding from me. if im doing wrong, im really sorry!

banyak lagi hajat aku yg belum tcapai! mari aku bagitau k.

1.mau pegi umrah. (this march insyaallah)

4. license diving & scuba

5.mau pegi semua pulau yg ada d malaysia!

6.mau jadi member of mercy malaysia.

7.wolkswagen car! i really want this!

8.have my own bakery, cafe or car wash! (im bussiness thinker okey)

9.mau bawa basikal tepi beach.

10.memancing ramai2 dgn member2

11.pakai baju pengantin! awwww every women want this.

12.i want my own home. the big very big house for my parents. so all together stay together sbb parents aku mau 60an sudah bha.

13.all i wish just want all person around me happy & smile when hang out with me. =)


with much love,

-Syifa Jani-

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


i hope u text me when u get landed.

just hope.. klu kau text maknanya u tidak lupa i. klu nda text tu maknanya u lupa i??
huhu sedihnya gitu..

with much love.
syifa jani =)



supposed the presentation should be on 0900am but potspone to 0100pm? wth MALAY TIMING mmg out from timing lar org bilang. but luckly im not too very well today. im going 2 college on 0150pm. then time2 jalan buli2 pulak kreta aku bkelip2 bar oil tu. kureng tau! tu la aku benci org pakai kreta aku tp nda pandai isi minyak! palui tahap gaban! tpaksa lar aku p isi minyak lagi. huuurrrrrmmmm part d sini lar yg paling dugaan & benci. p shell mau isi minyak, dah bayar la nie, then time mau tekan botton buka pintu minyak kreta tu. kn kkena tunduk sekali aku termuntah atas log book & report aku! really not expected about that. u noe staff2 d shell ingat aku nie pregnant. aku kasi ya ja lar. nasib la sana ada car wash skali kn jadi isi minyak dulu. then car wash jap. tu report & log book aku buang sumaa sbb nda kn lar aku mau bagi lecturer bau2 muntah plak. thanks sgt2 to shukree hunainy & qila sbb byk tolong aku hari nie even through the phone ja. dari awal subuh until im going there they still care & with me. thanks u so much buddy! Skali p sana kena que present plak. my name the last one. suma org present 15 mint. but me 10 mints only. bcause im really wanna get pitam ord time kena soal2 tadi. my slide ada jua la help me. the panel very shocking when i said my report ken muntah..hahaha. what ar unlucky day. aku rasa marks aku x byk kot. amat la rugi sbb x dpat tgk shukree present sbb seriously when he doing his presentation all the audicies just get focus on him only.. time aku present tdi pun semua mata tgk aku. really tkejut bila tgk dorg semua. hahaha. sbb mcm2 pandangan ada. ada yg serius, ada yg ketawa2 tgk ko. ada yg mcm teda prasaaan.. lol bha k lar. mau out dulu. kejap lagi kan ke airport mau fly2 p sandakan.. wish me luck syg!, esok u balik da kan!! hihihi  see u soon dear! good luck last paper! caiyok2. im wanna text u but really affraid if me disturbing u.. u can do it jua kan babe! xoxo

with much love,
syifa jani. =)