Wednesday, September 29, 2010

currently missing 4 a while!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

kimia by myself

assalamulaikum blogger..

ok just nk share video..haha.. xpecially 4 my sayang..
im sing this song..kimia. im wear my neighbour guitar..
hum n my roomate sing along wif me. jd back up singer kali.. boring n sick this time.. but donoe how i can smile widely..
hehe k enjoy..sore x sedap mna pn..

with much love..
~syifa jani~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new song : forever my love

The moment we met
I could feel something happening
Between our hearts
Never I thought It will turn into love
A never ending love

I gave my best to get you
But my heart breaks the moment you left me clueless
Where did I went wrong
Oh dear and now the truth revealed, you love me too

You were stucked in a difficult situation

Oh my darling be strong
Cause I will always be by your side
Waiting for you to be with me
Waiting for us to be together
Forever my love

Me and you went through so much in life
But I'm still willing to wait
Cause I believe there's no one else like you
Be strong my dear and now we'll make it through

new song by me self. dont u try to copy ar!.. im wait 4 my guitar 2 play this song..
sayang.. i will play this song 4 u. u the 1st one will hear.. :D

with much love,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

life like?

tears can't separate with rains...
tears it's same with rains...
life it's like sea..
sometimes it's calm and wavy...

with much sad..
~Syifa Jani~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

assalamualaikum blogger...

since im at kk im not blogging.. im really buzy with my family, raya, with my sayang, cousins and open house. sory not invited friends at my open house. as my parents wishes,this year open house just only 4 family bcoz adalah hal2 yg t'tentu yg mau d elakkn. spanjang aku kt kk. my family said i ord changed. gud n BAD. the bad was really my fault until im broken my family heart. how could i can do that. i didnt meant want to do that. im promise to my family that i would do not make it again. thats really my mistake n i cant 4get it until today. yesterday i ord reach at here (kL). but today i reachd at s.alam. perrgghhh bilik cm besa lar bilik bhabuk. tggal kt level 14 mmg penuh dgn habuk n best freedom from lalat's n any bad smelly ..haha. now i got two number's. celcom n maxis.. so stay contact lar ar. ok lar malas da nk type byk2. time to eat now! my weight now 51kg from 49kg. so aftr dis i want puasa 6 n ganti trus la my puasa skali.. berat hati sbenarnya mau tggl kn family smlm. tp... what can i do, this is time 4 me to grab my fture. i hope everything will be okey.
im janijan's junior. so i'll proof 2 people around me that i can do what they thing i cant do. n trust me umi i wont make u heart break down again.. gimme time to change my self to be gud again. this is my 2nd chance.. insyaallah
ya allah bimbing la hamba mu nie n permudahkan la urusan ku.. i'll care our relationship as well n im love u so much3 sayang..
i keep this ring as well too..
i miss u sayang.. always miss u..

with much love,
~Syifa Jani~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

balik kK!!

assalamualaikum bloggers..

today was the last day im at shah alam b4 im going back 2 sabah by this saturday.. tomorror i ord holiday. i get the excuse class.. hehe. so im wanna shopping wif my kaklong. donno where she want bring me.. tadi got joget performes. my group just take the video ja sbb esok aku x g class.x dpat nk perform.. so we get it the step in 2 hours mostly perfect but im like karas badan ani..haha. im not good in dance la. bcoz im not interesting wif that.. erm aku da kuar kn beg dr smlm lg..haha.. nda sabar bh nie..
this week so mencabar week bg aku.. tlampau byk yg mguji kselamatan aku.. alhamdulillah aku slamat n bek2 aja.. my flight day same with shukri.. :D im owez love n miss u at here... :D

with much much much love,
~syifa jani~