Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 story :)


It's been a long time didn't update. Are u all in good condition?
oh i'm on fever n flu illness. It's because bosses virus. Huhuhu
Oh ya just left 2 weeks more to finished my internship. It's my second practical and doing it at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu.
2014 the most tragic year for us malaysians kan. It's also for my family too. Wanna know why?
Let me share u something.
it's begin early month of april which is after my cousin's wedding. What i want to share about its mom condition.
On that month her body start show weakness, which u never expect and weird its suddent been happen to mama. Ya la i always see my mom the stronger mother and have a fast movement with her nag. But on that time what ever she hold will be fall down or broke. Then mama always had headache.
One day after attend one wedding at papar, mama fall at front of my home. Unfortunately, make her weist have to ciment it for two months until june. After that day mama cant walk. I meant she cant walk properly. Cant stand lama2.    For the first time we see my mom weak like that.
Day by day her condition not shows a good result. Always sleep much and easy to sulk. And one more thing she always said her headache still not healing. Pelik kan. Then when in may we bring mama to emergency at Hospital Queen Elizebert 1 but that time im working day so just my sisters handle it and abah also not around bcoz he was at johor for important kursus. To check up her condition because on that time mama didn't want to woke up and much sleep. After do MRI , CT scan and the others test doctor said mama have to refer to HQE 2 for further check up. Around 2.30pm pika(my second sister) call me to tell about mom. She said mama have tumour in her brain and it was last stage. Stage 4. Its really shock me and running my tears. I told my bos about mom and he give me excuses go to meet my mama. My bos is really a good bos, really can discuss anything with him. It was realive when u see mom smile at her face. She feel like nothing happen to her. We just give mama a smile but inside us we are really sad. My dad was fully quite during tht time. Shows really worry and  confused.

Then i will continue soon for futher story..
Good night :)

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