Wednesday, January 16, 2013



just finished my flying test today!!! yaahhhhooo.. i'll make sure i get the license. aku dengar2 ada org operation today. good luck with ur operation. wish u get well soon buddy! mr. smile sampai kk sudah! i saw him! yeah di airport bha tadi. while waiting my turn going to ofice mas from level 1, i saw him arrived at ground flour like serching for someone. i didnt call him. awkward kali aku tgk dia. haha. nda pa la nnt next time jak jumpa. honestly i feel something not good between us. just from u tweet & text 2 me its like something u hiding from me. if im doing wrong, im really sorry!

banyak lagi hajat aku yg belum tcapai! mari aku bagitau k.

1.mau pegi umrah. (this march insyaallah)

4. license diving & scuba

5.mau pegi semua pulau yg ada d malaysia!

6.mau jadi member of mercy malaysia.

7.wolkswagen car! i really want this!

8.have my own bakery, cafe or car wash! (im bussiness thinker okey)

9.mau bawa basikal tepi beach.

10.memancing ramai2 dgn member2

11.pakai baju pengantin! awwww every women want this.

12.i want my own home. the big very big house for my parents. so all together stay together sbb parents aku mau 60an sudah bha.

13.all i wish just want all person around me happy & smile when hang out with me. =)


with much love,

-Syifa Jani-

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